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Are you looking for the best way to conserve energy in your home and office? Do you find it hard to keep the heat during the winter?
Maybe it is hard keeping the heat away during the summer. Whatever issues you have with energy efficiency, be sure that Clean Air Pro Insulation can help you solve them. Say goodbye to fluctuating croft and save the mist energy with the services we provide. Enjoy the comfort of staying at home and working in the office with our specialized solutions. At Clean Air Pro Insulation Houston, TX, you are guaranteed 100% quality coupled with many years of experience in the industry.

What We Can Do For You

Duct Replacement

In some cases where duct sealing does not work to restore the HVAC system in the house, the best solution is to replace the duct. But you need the right set of hands to get this job done precisely to ensure efficiency in heating and cooling your home and office.

At Clean Air Pro Insulation, we restore the HVAC system of your home to its best condition.  If your ducts were not properly installed in the first place and you have complained tirelessly. Why don’t you call us today?

We can replace the ducts and install new ones to ensure better comfort for you and your family.

Insulation Removal

As much as insulation is great for the home, if the material used is damaged, you go back to square one. No one wants to feel secure and comfortable and have to go back to being afraid of the cold or heat. So, one part of our wide range of services includes the removal of fault insulation materials. This will allow you to breathe properly and enjoy the comfort of the house any season of the year.

We have trained professionals that help to remove insulation with eco-friendly processes. We ensure that your home is protected from any harmful substances. Hence, we use natural remedies to remove the faulty materials and provide you with new installations quickly.

Choose Clean Air Pro Insulation for the best Insulation service in Houston. Contact us today!

Air Sealing

People in Houston often complain about not keeping the heat from escaping or entering their room. This, however, depends on the season, but air sealing, if done properly, can ensure comfort in your home and office. This is why you need Clean Air Pro Insulation to help you with all types of air sealing services.

We also go as far as checking for air leaks in any room in your home. There could be areas that you cannot deduce where the air leaks are unless professionals come to take a look. This is why Clean Air Pro Insulation is great for homes and offices in Houston. We ensure that no area of the home or office has air leaks after our supervision.

Contact us today to improve the quality of your home and office.

Duct Repair

It is understandable that no matter how efficient your HVAC systems are, some issues could arise. Air ducts fall into this category of being out of shape after a while, hence why you need Clean Air Pro Insulation. We are the best at duct repair in Houston and offer stellar service to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

With our services, your air ducts will have better efficiency, thereby providing you with ample heat and cool at any time of the year.

Our team of experts has specialized tools and experience in repairing air ducts so that you can get better quality of air in the house and office. We would hate for dust and other pollutants to contaminate the air. Therefore, our services also spread to clear the duct of any dust particles and pollutants. Sometimes that is all your duct needs.

Attic Insulation

Do you ever look at the light bill and wonder why you keep paying so much? Well, We at Clean Air Pro Insulation can take so much load off your plate with our Attic Insulation. Do you know that with proper Insulation of your Attic, you can lower the utility bills? This is only one of the benefits of our Attic Insulation service. We can also protect your home during the cold and heat with our experts working on your Attic. Plus, our team of experts has the finest gear and most sophisticated equipment to make the work easier for us and life more comfortable for you.

With Clean Air Pro Insulation, your home can have a better structure free from gradual impairment and damage caused by heat. We also ensure that moisture does not affect the Attic and, more importantly, the home.

Clean Air Pro Insulation also allows for better air quality indoors when the Attic is properly insulated. We ensure that all pollutants that accumulate as a result of poor insulation are promptly removed. So, you can breathe good air and improve the standard of living in your household.

Wall Insulation

Houston can get cold during winter, with temperatures hitting freezing or even going below. Therefore, families and offices are always looking for ways to keep the heat inside. But without the right company, heat will always escape. At Clean Air Pro Insulation, we offer different wall insulation types that provide comfort during the winter in Houston. So, you don’t have to worry about heat loss ever again.

Our Wall insulation operations will also help you conserve energy, especially if your house is heated with electricity. As a result, we reduced the energy consumption to its barest minimum to reduce the cost of your energy bills and ensure a better life for you at home and the office.

Clean Air Pro Insulation will also ensure that you never see mold in your home or office despite the moisture passing through. This is because we trap the water and ensure it goes down to the ground without affecting your walls.

Get the best of insulation solutions in the whole of Houston, with our team of experts skilled in:

Attic Insulation

Insulation Removal

Air Sealing

Wall Insulation

Duct Repair

Duct Replacement

About Us

Finding a skilled company in different areas of insulation for both residential and commercial purposes is hard, especially in Houston. With the way the temperature drops and picks up quickly, it is difficult to keep up with that intensity.

But Clean Air Pro Insulation, with years of experience in providing 100% quality insulation service all across Houston, has mastered the ability to cope with the weather condition all through the year. In addition, our services cut across all forms of buildings and structures. So as long as you want to remain comfortable, Clean Air Pro Insulation is the way to go.

We are located in Houston, Texas, and offer services ranging from Wall insulation, Attic Insulation, Duct Repair, Insulation removal, and installation to other services.

We understand that no matter where you reside and work, insulation is necessary to make the occupants and workers comfortable. At Clean Air Pro Insulation, we live by certain tenets which have made us stay relevant for this time.

Why Should You Choose Us?

For us at Clean Air Pro Insulation, it goes far beyond the services that we offer, but we genuinely care about the welfare of your families and workers. This Is why we take every project like it is ours. WE ensure that all the services we rendered are premium quality in the work of Houston.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Another reason why you should choose us is our familiarity with eco-friendly techniques to solve your insulation problems. We do not use harmful chemicals for your Attic or any other area that will spoil the quality after we're gone. We never that everywhere we touch is better than we met it. There Is no use of harmful substances as all our techniques and elements are organic. At Clean Air Pro Insulation, we understand that your family and coworkers are important hence we would not want to use any substance that may be harmful to their health.

Quick Response Time

Clean Air Pro Insulation takes pride in its response time. Once you call, we are over at your home or office to impact in a matter of minutes. We ensure that you do not get another disrupted time with your family and your coworkers. We will hate for anything to happen to you due to the air quality in the room. Therefore, we want to ensure that you return as quickly as possible to the natural order of things with better quality of air and reduced utility bills.


Our experience is one of the reasons the Houston faithful calls on us for diverse Insulation projects. We have a team of experts that can detect issues quickly and solve them quickly also. So, no matter the Insulation issue that your home or office is facing, we can solve them. Finally, you do not need to break the bank when choosing us to help with any insulation project. We offer the best quality at affordable prices for your family and office. Contact us today and lets us improve the way you live and work,

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Do you find it hard to relax at home during winter or summer?

Is it difficult to retain the heat without increasing your utility bills?

At Clean Air Pro Insulation, we can take care of all issues regarding insulation. In addition, we offer premium services that ensure you and your family derive comfort no matter the season in Houston.

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